PKO Bank Polski chce zarabiać na kodach. Idzie mu całkiem nieźle

Codes in PKO BP. 3.5 million customers have already used it

PKO Bank Polski is developing a platform of additional services where you can buy tickets, codes, top-ups, and even arrange an e-medical visit. After the first year of operation of the platform, the bank announces further innovations and the construction of a larger marketplace.

Additional services, so-called VAS (Value Added Services) are services that go beyond outside the core business of the bank. Customers will find them in the IKO application and iPKO website in the Services and shopping tab.

The additional services platform at PKO is already a year old – it was launched in March 2023. The bank’s customers can use it arrange an e-medical visit, buy display protection your smartphone, codes for e-books and audiobooks, movie tickets or access to the VOD service. The bank’s data shows that customers are already making monthly purchases on average 3.5 million of this type of services.

They are the most popular phone top-upswhich the bank sells 1.6 million per month. Customers are equally eager to buy parking tickets through the bank’s channels – their sales increased by 25% during the year. It is also growing dynamically sale of highway tickets. In 2023, the bank sold 1.5 million of them. BIK reports and alerts, as well as gift cards, are very popular. The highest sales are recorded by Google Play, PaySafeCard, PlayStation, Spotify and Xbox.

Three new services have recently become available: codes for Legimi – access to over 180,000 e-books and audiobooks, codes for Multikinowhich can be exchanged for cinema tickets and Canal+ online – possibility of purchasing access to the Canal+ platform (VOD, linear TV) in the monthly subscription model or once for 6 months.

In 2024, PKO will double the selection of services

By expanding the available platform, PKO Bank Polski intends to create a larger, more rich marketplace of additional services. In 2024 he plans to double their offer.

The bank is currently negotiating with additional suppliers. There are plans combining services into packageswhich will be more attractively priced than those sold individually.

As PKO reveals, the next stage of the marketplace’s development will be the provision of services in the area digital media or gamingthat will complement banking products.

We strive to build a marketplace of additional services to offer a wide range of services in many areas of life. This year we plan to double our portfolio of additional services, in line with the needs of our clients

– announces Michał Kalinowski, Director of the Added Services and E-Commerce Development Office of PKO Bank Polski.

The PKO additional services platform is a cloud-based solution. It is provided by the bank through the subsidiary PKO Finat in the form of API. Thanks to it, external suppliers can easily connect to PKO systems and provide services in the bank’s digital channels, and customers can use such offers via IKO and iPKO.

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