Clamped processors, a super-fast car battery and new features for older Galaxy Watches

This is the summary of the week: flaws force AMD and Intel to curb their processors, the electric car battery which recharges in 10 minutes is progressing well and Wear OS 4 is coming to the Galaxy Watch 5.

Intel and AMD forced to curb the performance of your processors

Two flaws affecting respectively the architectures of AMD and Intel processors have forced the two manufacturers to curb the performance of your processors.

At AMD, it is the Inception flaw, acting on the predictive algorithm of the chips. The manufacturer has deployed a patch that decreases processor performance by up to 28%. Fortunately, for the video game, it is insignificant: we are talking about a single percentage of less performance.

At Intel, it is the Downfall flaw, affecting Intel Core processors from the sixth to the eleventh generation. This does not affect the most recent computers. Same thing here, the flaw exploits the predictive algorithm to hijack its use. In some cases, the restraint deployed by Intel reduces the performance of certain instructions by up to 50%, in particular those used in AI.

The electric car battery that recharges in 10 minutes, it’s progress

Next to the autonomy which would not be good enough, the other disadvantage launched against electric cars is the time for recharging the battery. This could soon be ancient history. The Chinese CATL is actively working on the design of a battery capable of recharging in 10 minutes.

This week, the manufacturer confirmed its schedule, saying that mass production will begin at the end of the year. This means that from 2024, these batteries could equip the first electric cars.

Old Samsung connected watches also benefit from the new features of the Galaxy Watch 6

A few days ago, the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic were released, the new connected watches from Samsung, which come with their share of new features. Among them, the deployment of One UI 5 Watch, an interface based on the Wear OS 4 system.

An interface that also arrives on the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5. An important update that brings better sleep management, more training goals and irregular heart rate notifications. Wear OS 4 should also make it possible to have more dials to download and more customization options. In addition to that, we learn that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 will have two new dials from One UI 5 Watch.

The video of the week: all the rumors around the iPhone 15

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