Cinema City offers a Valentine's Day repertoire.  There will be something to watch with your other half

Cinema City offers a Valentine’s Day repertoire. There will be something to watch with your other half

Cinema City starts celebrating Valentine’s Day. The repertoire is dominated by films about love, and snacks are replaced by pink popcorn.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a holiday of love – it can be celebrated not only in couples, but also with close friends and loved ones. Cinema City has prepared a unique proposition especially for those in love: on February 14, pre-premiere romantic titles will appear on the screens, and the time at the cinema will be made more pleasant by enjoying strawberry popcorn and sampling the Amore Amore perfume from the Cacharel brand.

Cinema City – Valentine’s Day repertoire

Today, in Cinema City branches you will be able to see a lot of films about love in a romantic or comedy version. The repertoire includes:

“Just Not You” – pre-premiere screenings. Bea (Sydney Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell) seem like the perfect couple, but after an amazing first date, something happens that turns their fiery relationship icy cold – until they unexpectedly meet at a wedding in Australia. So Bea and Ben do what two adults would do: they pretend to be a couple.

“Love Like Honey” – Majka (Agnieszka Suchora) and Agata (Edyta Olszówka) have as much in common as they divide. They are both over fifty and do not believe that anything in their lives will change for the better. One lives on the Baltic Sea, the other in the Tatra Mountains. One devotes herself to children and grandchildren, the other has no family and cares about spiritual development. One day, Agata encourages Majka to spontaneously go to the mountains, while she stays at the seaside. The unexpected role reversal brings a number of complications, funny twists and challenges that the women will have to face.

“Priscilla” – When young and modest Priscilla Beaulieu meets Elvis Presley, he is already a rock-and-roll star. However, in their moments together, he becomes someone completely unexpected for her: her first great love, her lonely ally and her sensitive best friend. Over time, her “fairy tale” life covered with tons of pink and glitter turns into a golden cage that is difficult to leave. Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi star in the story directed by Sofia Coppola.

“How I Stole 100 Million” – Ed has 100 million, a beautiful girlfriend, a good head on his shoulders and a few problems. First of all, he stole the money and will spend another year in prison. Secondly, he convinced his fiancée that he was going to New York on business. This is the starting point of a crazy comedy that tries to answer the question – how to steal 100 million and survive? Antoni Królikowski plays the main role, the cast also includes Małgorzata Socha, Mateusz Damięcki, Zuzanna Zielińska and Michał Żebrowski.

“Good Strangers” – the story of one night and a meeting with a mysterious neighbor. Harry completely changes Adam’s life, and he begins to be consumed by memories of the past. At some point he decides to return to the town where he grew up. When he returns to his family home, he finds his parents as he remembers them from the day they died thirty years ago.

“Beautiful Disaster 2” – we learn about the further fate of the couple in love. Abby and Travis wake up after a wild night in Las Vegas. For the fortune they won, they decide to spend a delightful honeymoon in Mexico, in the company of friends and family. But before that happens, each of them throws a stag/hen party that ends in a scandal. Worse still, a gang follows them to recover the money they lost at the casino. Abby and Travis’ new life is going to be really bumpy.

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