Chinese electric car makers want to form a massive alliance to take over the world

Well aware that there is a large share of the market to be taken, the Chinese manufacturers of electric cars, under the impetus of the giant BYD, intend to form a coalition and thus establish themselves as the new world leaders in the field. Except that some markets, like North America and Europe, do not intend to let it go.

BYD not only wants to establish itself as the world’s leading manufacturer in the field of electric cars, and he is currently the only one who can challenge Tesla, but he intends to go even further. Indeed, BYD now offers to lead an alliance of Chinese manufacturers to organize a kind of coalition and set out to conquer the world market.

BYD invites other Chinese manufacturers to join forces to “Tearing down old legends” and make China a global automotive power.

“I think the time has come for Chinese brands to take the world by storm”, said Wang Chuanfu, chairman and founder of BYD. He added : “There are 1.4 billion people who need, with emotion, to see a brand from their country become a leader on a global scale.. »

A call that raises some questions

To launch this call, which seems rather aggressive and recalls some bad passages of history, Wang Chuangfu presented an image comprising 12 logos of as many car manufacturers. However, not everyone reacted enthusiastically. Some approved of the initiative, while others greeted it with suspicion.

For manufacturers who seem interested in the idea, this move by BYD could serve to end the price battle that drives the domestic market and help bring Chinese manufacturers together in pursuit of a common goal. For the latter, on the other hand, the idea of ​​BYD could be perceived as a threat and could push Europe and the United States to take tougher export measures.

This is particularly the case of Europe, and in particular of France, which will set up, as of next year, a bonus indexed to CO2 emissions.2 “global” electric cars. In other words, the further she comes, the less she will be concerned by any help. A measure which, on the surface, is not announced as protectionist, but in essence, is very largely so.

Difficult to bring everyone together

Going back to this famous coalition, among those who reacted enthusiastically, there is William Li, the CEO of Nio, who said on Weibo: “We should all learn from BYD’s success”and Li Xiang, CEO of Li Auto, who reposted BYD’s video with more glowing comments.

Wang Yuanly, the general manager of Great Wall Motor, meanwhile said that Chinese manufacturers had to learn to cope with the competition and added:“If we have to stay together while holding grudges in our hearts, we might as well fight first”.

Remember, however, that relations between Great Wall and BYD are strained: last May, the former filed a report that two models produced by the second failed to meet emission standardswith obviously legal proceedings at the key.

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