China has announced an important date.  They will bring cargo from the Moon to Earth

China has announced an important date. They will bring cargo from the Moon to Earth

The Moon is the focus of many space agencies. China is ready to implement an ambitious project of sending collected samples to Earth.

One of the most dynamically developing countries in terms of space exploration is China. Their national space agency is unveiling very ambitious plans for the Moon. There is talk not only of a manned landing on the Silver Globe, but also of creating a research base and sending a constellation of radio telescopes into orbit around the Moon. They want to implement one of the important projects this year.

China will recover samples from the Moon

As he says China Central Television (CCTV) around May we can expect to enter the most important phase Chang’e 6 mission. Its goal is to send a lander to the far side of the Moon, collect material for research, and sending samples to Earth. The entire operation will take approximately 53 days. The Apollo crater was chosen as the landing site.

After landing, the lander will download approximately 2 kilograms of test material, which will be loaded onto another vehicle. Its goal will be to enter orbit around the Moon, where a service module will be waiting for it to receive its cargo. The samples will then be delivered to Earth in a special capsule.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time for China National Space Agency. Already in 2020, as part of the Chang’e 5 mission, they brought samples from the Moon to Earth. However, in the case of Chang’e 6, the far side of the Moon will be involved for the first time.

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