Chiny chwalą się nowymi układami. Depczą po piętach Intelowi

China boasts of new arrangements. They are hot on Intel's heels

The Chinese are boasting about their new processors. These are expected to offer performance comparable to the 12th generation of Intel Core systems.

China strongly focuses on the development of its own technologies, thus wanting to become independent from Western products. One of the segments that is developing very quickly are processors. The Loongson brand will soon present new systems that will follow Intel's heels.

China is chasing Intel

The latest Loongson system is the 8-core 3A6000 model, whose performance can be compared to AMD Ryzen 2nd generation and Intel Core 10th generation processors. This already shows how quickly the Chinese are catching up with the two main manufacturers of CPUs in the x86 architecture. However, their plans do not end there.

Hu Weiwu, head of Loongson, announced that their latest system, which is scheduled to debut next year, will be even faster. For now, these are only estimates, but it is expected to bring as much as a 50 percent increase in performance compared to the mentioned 3A6000 model. Therefore, if the plan is successful, the Chinese will have processors with performance similar to the 12th generation Core models.

Importantly, we are talking about models from the Core i5 and Core i7 lines, and not the weakest Core i3, as has been the case so far. It's only 2-3 generations back, hence the statement about treading on our heels.

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