Chiny chwalą się nowymi układami. Wygląda to dobrze

China boasts of new arrangements. It looks good

A new player is joining the game on the high-performance SSD market. Another Chinese company showed its PCIe 5.0 controllers. The specification looks very promising.

There may be a lot on the market soon efficient SSDs. Every now and then, more companies boast about their controllers designed with the interface in mind PCI Express 5.0. To a group consisting of producers such as Phison, InnoGrit and SiliconMotion just joining MaxioTekalso known as Maxio Technology.

MaxioTek promises performance of up to 14.8 GB/s

The Chinese presented three new systems that were created for both the consumer and professional segments. They differ in performance and maximum SSD capacity. However, all of them were based on protocol NVMe 2.0 and equipped with error correction support 4K LDPC.

The most interesting thing is the layout MaxioTek MAP1802 aimed at SSD for the consumer market. We are talking about a 4-channel structure supporting memory chips 4800MT/s. The maximum capacity is to reach up to 8TB.

China boasts of new arrangements.  It looks good

In the case of performance, the manufacturer declares up to 14.8 GB/s for reading and up to 14.4 GB/s for sequential writing and up to 3,400,000 IOPS for reading and up to 3,500,000 IOPS for random recording.

MAP1803 MAP1806 MAP1802
Max. sequential reading 14 GB/s 14.5 GB/s 14.8 GB/s
Max. sequential recording 13.5 GB/s 14 GB/s 14.4 GB/s
Max. random reading 3.5 million IOPS 3.5 million IOPS 3.4 million IOPS
Max. random recording 4.5 million IOPS 3.5 million IOPS 3.5 million IOPS
Max. capacity 64TB 16TB 8TB
Number of channels 16 8 4
Max. NAND speed 3200MT/s 3600MT/s 4800MT/s

It is worth noting that the Chinese showed only controllers, without reference media. Adding the production date – early 2024, this suggests an early stage of development. Meaning that We will probably see the first SSD with MaxioTek systems only at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.

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