Chiny nie zaatakują Tajwanu? W szachu trzyma je niespodziewany gracz

China at a dead end. The West found an unobvious argument

Not the United States, but the Netherlands has the strongest argument to stop China's territorial expansion if necessary.

Recall that in November 2023, the US government banned advanced chip producers, such as Nvidia and AMD, from exporting AI systems to China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Of course, this could not significantly weaken the Chinese economy, which is largely independent, but that was not the goal.

The Americans explained that the embargo was a countermeasure in case of attempts to use artificial intelligence for military purposes, which, however, gave rise to further concerns. Since China cannot obtain the best chips legally, there is a greater risk that they will want to invade Taiwan, where the plants of TSMC – a top chip manufacturer – are located.

Nevertheless, a way has been found, or at least that's what Bloomberg says, citing sources close to the Biden administration. Apparently the Dutch ASML, which produces machines for TSMC necessary in the photolithography process, has started to implement emergency switches in its devices.

It should be understood that if China wanted to take over factories by force and stormed their territory, as the West fears, then they won't get any benefits anyway. The Dutch will remotely “kill” the production lines, and the invaders will be left with tons of iron that will be of no use to them.

Interestingly, as we can learn, the Americans also forced one more decision on the Dutch. Namely, those ASML machines that had already managed to reach China through trade were to lose the manufacturer's support and will no longer be serviced. Naturally, the Dutch company will not sell any more units.

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