Masz takie hasło? Łatwo można je złamać w kilka minut, a nawet sekund

Check your passwords. A large part can be broken in a few seconds

Do you use a simple, repeatable password? It doesn't take much to break them in just a few minutes, and sometimes even seconds.

For many years, all cybersecurity experts have been saying to use long and complex passwords. Moreover, they should not be repeated and we should have different ones for each website or service. Why? Because today all you need is the right equipment to break them in a few minutes.

Cracking passwords with GeForce RTX 4090

Experts from Hive Systems checked how long it would take twelve GeForce RTX 4090 cards to crack passwords of various lengths and complexity. The simplest ones, consisting of only 4 characters, fail after just a few seconds.

Even a password consisting of 10 characters and only numbers can be cracked in just an hour. However, this time extends to 10 hours when we use the recommended set, i.e. lowercase and uppercase letters, special characters and numbers.. This shows how important it is to use complex passwords.

Even appropriate cryptographic algorithms may turn out to be insufficient. A single GeForce RTX 4090 card can crack an 8-character password consisting of recommended letters, numbers and characters and secured with the MD5 algorithm in 59 minutes. Therefore, newer methods are increasingly used, including bcrypt. In the case of this algorithm, as many as 10 thousand NVIDIA A100 systems need 5 days to crack the same 8-character password.

Therefore, remember not only about complex and unique passwords, but also about two-step verification, which is additional security. After all, even the best methods will not work if the weakest element of the equation, i.e. humans, fails.

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