Sprawdź swój dowód. Prawie 3 mln Polaków czeka wizyta w urzędzie

Check your ID. Nearly 3 million Poles will have to visit the office

Nearly 3 million Poles will have their ID cards replaced in 2024. If they do not do this, they may even face a financial penalty.

Every year, some ID cards become invalid because they are issued for a period of 10 years. Although in Poland you can use the digital version of the document in the mObywatel application, almost 3 million Poles will be forced to exchange their ID for a new one.

Replacing your ID card

This year, as many as 2 million, 702 thousand will expire. ID cards of Poles. They should all replace it by submitting an application at the commune office or online. However, in the latter case, a visit to the office will not be necessary because it is necessary to complete the documents with fingerprints and a signature. Importantly, the replacement of the ID is completely free of charge.

What happens if someone doesn’t replace their ID card on time? Using an old, invalid one may result in a financial penalty of up to PLN 5,000. zlotys. In turn, habitual failure to exchange the document may, in extreme cases, result in imprisonment. Therefore, it is better not to wait until the last minute. The waiting time for a new ID card is 30 days, so it is worth submitting the documents well in advance.

It is also worth remembering that although we can use the digital version of the ID card in Poland, it will not be respected outside our country.

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