Tani YouTube Premium? Google blokuje cwaniaków

Cheap YouTube Premium? Google blocks scammers

YouTube is starting another fight with users. This time not with those who use adblocks, but with those who have purchased a cheaper Premium subscription.

YouTube has been fighting against users who block ads for several months. In this way, the website wants to convince as many people as possible to use the Premium subscription, which does not require viewing promotional materials. However, this is not enough. Now Google is declaring war on the scammers who got themselves a cheaper version of YouTube Premium.

Cheap YouTube Premium? Not any more

Many people use the cheaper version of YouTube Premium. How? They use VPNs and buy a subscription in countries where it is much cheaper. This way, they can save a lot and use the website as if they normally purchased the service without advertising. Google has had enough of this and announces that it will not get away with such trickery.

Google has confirmed that it can detect when a user is using a VPN to subscribe to YouTube Premium at a lower price than in their country. In this case, the website will start displaying a notification that you need to update your billing information.

To ensure we provide the most accurate plans and offers available, we have systems in place to identify our users’ country. In cases where the country of registration does not match the country in which the user accesses YouTube, we ask users to update their billing information to their current country of residence.

– informs Google.

Several Reddit users who used VPNs to purchase cheaper versions of YouTube Premium report that their subscriptions have recently been canceled. This is probably due to the fight against this type of slyness, which Google does not like.

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