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Samsung produces some of the most prominent high-end smartphones on the market. But the Korean giant offers phones at all price points like this Samsung Galaxy A14 4G, not to be confused with its cousin, the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G.

We tested it thoroughly and here are a few points of its great strengths and weaknesses.

Samsung Galaxy A14 4G Technical sheet

Model Samsung Galaxy A14 4G

7.8cm x 16.77cm x 9.1mm

Manufacturer interface

One UI

Screen size

6.6 inches


2408 x 1080 pixels

Pixel density

400 dpi




Mediatek Helio G80

graphics chip

Mali-G52 MC2

Internal storage

64 GB

Camera (back)

Sensor 1: 50MP
Sensor 2: 5MP
Sensor 3: 2 MP

Front photo sensor

13 Mp

Video recording definition



Wi-Fi 5 (ac)







Fingerprint sensor


connector type

USB Type-C

Battery capacity





Black, Silver, Green


179 €

Product sheet

Samsung Galaxy A14 4G The strong points

In our eyes, the Galaxy A14 4G has indisputable strengths that justify its purchase. The first one we think of is silly, but that’s its price. This contained price owes a lot to the choice of chip made by Samsung, an Exynos 850 engraved in 8 nm, where the 5G model has a much more recent Exynos 1330 chip engraved in 5 nm. This is due to the fact that there are hardly any new chips specialized only on 4G.

Second main interest of this Galaxy A14 4G: its One UI interface (Android 13) is among the best on the market. So of course, you have a slightly slower version here, but most of the interesting features are there. We find for example the customizable lock screen, the very practical modes and routines or the possibility of creating a floating window with a gesture. On the other hand, everything is jerky and sometimes a little broken. But if you are patient, you have plenty to play for.

Like many entry-level smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy A14 4G incorporates a 3.5mm jack port. Very useful for those attached to wired headphones and earphones. Still on the design, we can still recognize an honorable level of finish. The textured back with vertical streaks is still very pleasant, as is the alignment of the three photo modules on the back, the rounded edges.

On paper, one of the interesting elements of this smartphone is undoubtedly its 5000mAh battery. This, coupled with a very energy-efficient configuration, largely guarantees use over a day. You can even have fun going tickle during the day.

In picture, the Galaxy A14 4G, offers honorable quality for a smartphone at 200 euros. We find a sharpness quite correct (as long as we do not zoom in), the portrait mode is suitable. More than anything, we find this Samsung paw, in particular on the colorimetric treatment. And that’s enough to make the shots rather pleasing to the eye.

The ultra wide-angle is much duller on the other hand and lacks a bit of detail. At least the latter has the merit of existing and of offering interesting angles of view.

Samsung Galaxy A14 4G The weak spots

The first of the reasons that should make you think before buying this smartphone is its level of performance. He rows a lot. Of course, it is still possible to use the Galaxy A14 4G, but this comes at the cost of a somewhat frustrating wait. Also, if it supports low-power 3D games like Pokemon Unite, don’t expect to launch titles like Fortnitethe phone does not support them.

Second big downside: the screen here is based on LCD technology. However, this is increasingly outdated… Oled technology offers many more advantages and visual comfort. The screen being a central element of the smartphone experience, we would advise you to think carefully before opting for a smartphone with an LCD panel.

Especially since it has a refresh rate of only 60 Hz, which further accentuates the impression of jerkiness. Let’s also add the presence of fairly visible borders and a rather unsightly notch, which takes up space on the screen.

Last purely technical, but important stumbling block: there is only 64 GB of storage. With an interface that already takes up 17.11 GB, it can go very quickly and you will quickly feel cramped.

Samsung Galaxy A14 4G What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy A14 4G?

The Samsung Galaxy A14 4G was released at 219 euros, but is easily below 200 euros.

Where to buy The

Samsung Galaxy A14 4G at the best price?

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