ChatGPT gets a makeover with DALL-E 3 in beta and web search

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has announced many new features in recent weeks, and these are finally arriving on the chatbot, the AI ​​best known to the general public.

ChatGPT is one of the most talked about tools at the moment, this famous artificial intelligence powered by OpenAI. The tool, originally, is a simple chatbot that can be interacted with via prompts. But the company has developed its Web tool to offer users more possibilities.

These options are reserved for paying users, users subscribed to “ChatGPT Plus“. Beyond these new features, it is above all access to the GPT-4 model (compared to 3.5 for free users) which is the strength of this subscription.

The arrival of DALL-E 3 in beta and web search with Bing finally released

Web search with Bing has suffered several setbacks at OpenAI. ChatGPT finally regained this very useful option recently, after a withdrawal in July. This was still in beta, but the company finally made it official and launched “Browse with Bing“. For the record, the departure at the beginning of July was linked to the fact that the chatbot could access paid content, simply by providing the link to the article for example. OpenAI therefore preferred to take the lead rather than avoid legal problems.

Furthermore, it is the first option, apart from the basic model, which is not in beta. Code Interpreter, plug-ins and now DALL-E 3 are still in beta, reserved for ChatGPT Plus users. Precisely, DALL-E 3 has just arrived for all these users, enough to combine the generation of images with the textual generation offered by ChatGPT.

You will then be able to request images from ChatGPT, which will create a prompt in English to ask DALL-E 3 to generate images. The combination is stunning, allowing the generation of several images at once without necessarily writing several image prompts. ChatGPT can vary the styles, just ask.

These two new features are just a small example of what OpenAI has announced in recent months. ChatGPT 4 Vision was recently released, allowing you to send images that the chatbot will analyze, to provide you with information related to the image. In addition, it is now possible to call ChatGPT, via the mobile application. You can therefore communicate with the chatbot, in real time, to the rhythm of your words.

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