Ten prosty trik pozwoli Ci znacząco ulepszyć Twój komputer

Change this setting. Your computer will be up to 16°C cooler

If your computer has a problem with high temperatures, you do not necessarily need to replace the processor cooler. Sometimes changing one option in the BIOS is enough.

The latest generations of computer processors provide extremely high performance in games and programs. All thanks to the large number of cores and threads and high clock speeds. Unfortunately, this often also means high power consumption and high temperatures. However, it seems that it’s not always the fault of the CPU itself.

We’re talking about up to 16°C less without affecting performance

MSI has good information for owners of their motherboards who use the units Intel. newest BIOS update gives access to the new setting. It allows you to get a few °C less.

The function described is FLAIL (Current Excursion Protection). Its task is to prevent system instability caused by insufficient CPU voltage. However, the impact of this feature varies depending on the platform and combinations used, sometimes leading to performance degradation.

This simple trick will allow you to significantly improve your computer

According to the Taiwanese, gaming enthusiasts may choose to disable CEP to maximize performance. More details about the feature can be found in the MSI article. The company’s internal tests confirm a temperature drop of up to 16°C without affecting performance.

This simple trick will allow you to significantly improve your computer

The list of supported processors includes the 14th, 13th and 12th generation Intel Core series. The latest unlocked units allow CEP to be disabled by default, while the remaining CPUs require a BIOS update. So far, it has been released for most Z790 and selected B760 motherboards. However, MSI promises that new software will be available for the remaining models, including the 600 series, by the end of March.

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