change of look in sight for the voice recorder

Capitalizing on the big changes made in March to the voice recorder of its Messages application, Google is back to the charge with a new design evolution allowing the whole to be modernized a little more.

After making changes to its Messages application to help users find their most important conversations even more easily, or even to avoid misunderstandings by SMS, Google is preparing to go up on the system for recording voice messages. Based on the changes it was already planning to make in March, the firm would indeed work on a new design development to modernize Google Messages a little more in this area.

At least that’s what it predicts. 9to5Google, which is based on changes seen in the app’s latest APK file. And if none of these changes is currently visible to the general public, Google would bet on a drastic change in the interface reserved for recording voice messages and sharing them through the RCS protocol.

Voice recordings on Google Messages: what to expect?

Currently, recording a voice message on Google Message is done by pressing the “Microphone” icon displayed at the bottom right of the interface. With a click maintained, it is possible to record your voice, to then send the recording to your correspondent. The design change unveiled a few months ago instead allowed to display an interface dedicated to recording, with several important commands, allowing you to start again, pause or validate the capture of your message.

The additional modifications discovered by 9to5Google bring a completely new design and a small didactic illustration, while the buttons (this time in the shape of pills) are placed in the lower section. By tapping on the microphone, the recording starts, with the appearance of a ripple and a count. Once the recording is stopped, you can play it back and find a specific moment in your message by scrolling through the waveform.

Deletion and sharing commands are also relevant once the message has been recorded, and the sending procedure would always be done in two stages: adding the recording as an attachment, then sending.


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