Gotówka odchodzi do lamusa. Polacy nie chcą jej bez względu na wiek

Cash is becoming a thing of the past. Poles don't want it regardless of age

Poland is among the world leaders in terms of the availability and development of digital payments. We use cash less and less often.

In Poland, we have very developed digital payment systems. We can pay almost everywhere by card, phone, smartwatch or BLIK. It turns out that in this respect we are among the world leaders. Today only 35 percent. all transactions in our country are carried out using cash – informs

Payments in Poland are among the most digital in the world, both in terms of mass use and product availability. In physical points of sale, cash accounts for 35%. all transactions, so more than 2/3 of transactions are made with digital payments.

– says prof. Michał Polasik, director of the Digital Finance Economy Center at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

Cash is becoming a thing of the past

Today it is 75 percent. Poles use cashless payments. As much as 38 percent of us always pay digitally if possible. Almost one in four of us (23%) use this type of payment several times a week, and 14%. at least once a week. Interestingly, age does not matter much here, as 44 percent Poles aged 70+ use cashless payments.

Despite such good results, experts reassure us that cash will not be replaced by cashless payments. Our country is to follow the strategy of the European Central Bank, which recommends maintaining an appropriate level of cash use, both in terms of security (e.g. in the event of an energy blackout) and for people who are less technologically advanced.

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