Carrefour z nową usługą. Wystarczy słowo przy kasie

Carrefour with a new service. Just say a word at the checkout

Carrefour is expanding the offer of its MoneyGram service. Thanks to it, you can make or receive a transfer at the checkout.

Carrefour is expanding the availability of its financial service called MoneyGram. The first tests began in November 2023, and it will soon be available in all chain stores. That's a total of 400 thousand. points in Poland and abroad – inform Commercial News.

Transfer at the checkout in Carrefour

MoneyGram is a service that allows you to carry out the so-called fast transfers. At the store's checkout, you can place a transaction and have it collected by another person at another branch, also outside Poland.

At least this is the theory, because the service currently operates in 40 hypermarkets in our country, and in June it will be launched in all of them. The next step is to launch MoneyGram also in supermarkets, i.e. smaller outlets.

The MoneyGram transfer fee depends on the amount and destination country. The minimum rates are currently PLN 8 for a domestic transaction and PLN 9.50 for a foreign transaction. For now, transfers can only be made in Polish currency. In turn, collection can be made after 10 minutes at one of 400,000. MoneyGram points in 200 countries around the world.

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