Canal+ adds a new comedy.  There's already a trailer

Canal+ adds a new comedy. There’s already a trailer

Canal+ has announced a new comedy that will be released in the first half of February. Now we could see the first trailer of the upcoming production.

Coming soon on Canal+ online and Canal+ Premium we will be able to watch a new comedy series “When Wedding?”. As the platform explains, it is a production by 30-year-olds for 30-year-olds. If you don’t know what to answer to parents who keep asking questions “When is the wedding?”then it is worth booking time for the beginning of next month, because On February 9, the mentioned series will see the light of day.

“When is the wedding?” – Canal+ releases the trailer

Canal+ has released a trailer for the upcoming series. “When is the wedding?” tells the story of the relationship between Wanda and Tośek, who after 13 years of relationship decide to break up and try something new. As the platform announces, the series addresses the problems of contemporary millennials who are not entirely familiar with life and it is a “positive guide to life for “beginning adults”: how to break up well? Where to get the courage to focus on your happiness, regardless of what they say?” us parents? And how to answer the uncomfortable question – WHEN IS THE WEDDING?

When I received the script, I was already scheduled to start another project. The further I read, the more I hoped it would be bad and I wouldn’t have to participate in it. And it was getting worse, that is, better. With each page, I knew that this was an absolutely unique series and I would do anything to be in it. We wait for such scenarios

– said Maria Dębska, playing the role of Wanda.

The main characters of the 8-episode series WHEN IS THE WEDDING? Maria Dębska (POWRÓT, “Because there is sex in me”) and Eryk Kulm Jr. (“Filip”, “Teściowie 2” are played by Maria Dębska). The remaining roles will feature Maciej Musiał (KLANGOR, “Chłopi”), Magdalena Popławska (“Panic Attack”), Masza Wągrocka (PLANET OF SINGLES. EIGHT STORIES), Kamil Szeptycki (“Black Sheep”), Magdalena Żak (“Silent Night”) , Iza Kuna (“In-Laws”), Katarzyna Domalewska (“Sexify”), Matylda Damięcka (“Apokawixa”), Set Sjöstrand (“Guns Akimbo”), Wojciech Zieliński (FURIOZA), Kamila Urzędowska (“Chłopi”), Tomasz Mechowicki (“On the signal”) and Szymon Majchrzak (KRUK).

The directors of the series are Piotr Domalewski (“Silent Night”, “Hiacynth”, “As Far Away from Here”, “Sexify”) and Łukasz Ostalski (“Brothers”, “Family Games”, “Don’t Worry About Me”, “Crusade”) . The script was created by the duo Katarzyna Wiśniowska (“Professional Secret”, “Cichosza”) and Marek Baranowski (ALGORITHM OF LOVE, “Night in Kindergarten”). Jakub Stolecki (“The Murderers”) is responsible for the photos, Kalina Lach (“All Our Fears”) for the costumes, Kinga Krulikowska (“Lipowo. Conspiracy of Silence”) for the makeup, and Marcin Macuk (EMIGRACJA XD, WYRWA) for the music. The producers on the CANAL+ side are Beata Ryczkowska and Agnieszka Ptaszyńska-Bochniak, and the executive producer of Akson Studio is Michał Kwieciński (“In-Laws”, “It Must be Love”, “Panic Attack”, and the series “Sexify”, “Family Games”, ” rime”).

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