Cadillac lets go and attributes an exorbitant price to its first electric car

Last year, Cadillac lifted the veil on its new Celestiq, a large electric sedan that will enrich the range alongside the Lyriq SUV. And now the American firm finally reveals the price of it, and it is not really given.

When we think of Cadillac, we usually think of the image of a big sedan powered by a loud V8. It is true that the firm has built its history on this image, and this for several decades. Yes, but now, the world is changing and manufacturers must also evolve to stay up to date. And while General Motors wants to return to Europe, the group will have to electrify its brands.

Not for all budgets

This will also be the case for Cadillac, which in 2020 unveiled its first electric model, the Lyriq. A large SUV that was first shown as a concept car, before being presented in its final version at the New York show a bit later. Its launch is scheduled for next year.

But the American manufacturer obviously does not want to be content withonly one electric model in its range. This is how he unveiled a second car last October, which this time takes the form of a large sedan with a very futuristic style. This is the Celestiq, which should also arrive in the catalog during the year 2024. It should also be sold in Europe.

But that does not prevent the firm from preparing slowly. And precisely, the latter has just revealed new information of size on its newcomer: its price. And the latter is far from given. The website The Verge indeed announces that the sedan will start from $340,000, which is equivalent to approximately 309,578 euros according to the current exchange rate, excluding taxes. It hurts.

Especially since this price is of course that attributed to the entry-level version. Because the manufacturer emphasizes that the sedan will be highly customizable according to the desires and tastes of customers. In most cases, the car will then cost more than $400,000, i.e. approximately 364,224 eurosthen many options are likely to be available.

A new platform

Cadillac hopes in particular to hunt on the land of Rolls-Royce, which is also preparing the launch of its first electric car, the Spectre. This should be around 413,000 dollars, or a whopping 376,061 euros, excluding taxes. The first copies of the Celestiq should leave the factory in Warren, Michigan from the end of the year.

You will have to be patient to receive your car, because only six copies will be assembled at a time, for a total of 500 units per year depending on the brand. Inspired by the Mercedes EQS, especially in its cockpit which houses a huge screen, the Celestiq will be based on the new Ultium platform designed by the General Motors group. In particular, this offers an optimized space for the battery cells.

Only one engine should be offered on the sedan, which will carry a 111 kWh battery provided by LG Chem and displaying a low cobalt content. This will allow the sedan to travel up to 483 kilometers according to the American EPA cycle, which is equivalent to approximately 550 WLTP kilometers. Note that the sedan can be driven with a single pedal.

It will also be equipped with level 3 autonomous driving and will benefit from the fast charging up to 200 kW. Only 10 minutes will be needed to recover 125 kilometers. The power is announced at 600 horsepower for 866 Nm of torque. Finally, the driver will be able to take advantage of the remote OTA updates.

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