But why is Tesla not offering this Model 3 improvement in Europe?

The pre-2021 Tesla Model 3s lacked an element much appreciated by drivers of newer versions: the electric rear trunk. In China, for a few hundred euros, an upgrade is offered. In Europe, unfortunately, it’s still dead calm…

The Chinese Tesla Model 3 of 2019 and 2020 will be able to improve drastically, thanks to an upgrade of the rear trunk. If we know today the electric sedans from Tesla equipped with an automatic trunk, this was not the case before. This electric rear trunk is among the improvements that have been added in hardware updates for the year 2021, and European drivers of older Model 3s may have it bad, as Tesla does not seem ready to offer this update. level.

An electric safe available for 380 euros

Since the spring of 2022, Tesla has been offering an update to the rear trunk of the Tesla Model 3 in China, for 3,980 yuan (506 euros). Since yesterday, the bill has dropped to 2,980 yuan (380 euros), which is bound to be tempting for most owners of the country’s first Tesla Model 3s.

Concretely, it is a question of replacing the cylinders of the trunk, as well as adding a motor to control the opening and closing. Integration into the on-board software is immediate, and it is possible to open or close the trunk from the central screen or the mobile application. Third-party solutions have been around for many years, but installation can be cumbersome, and some owners worry that future issues won’t be covered under warranty once the modification is made.

So, if Tesla offered this update in Europe, with the guarantee that goes with it and against less than 400 euros, it’s a safe bet that most Model 3 owners from 2019 and 2020 are flocking to this modification. The manual trunk of the Tesla Model 3 has often been singled out, especially given the high vehicle prices at the time.

In this case, a 2019 Tesla Model 3 Grande Autonomie was billed for more than 60,000 euros, compared to 10,000 less today. What’s more, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion which appeared much later, offered today at 41,990 euros (excluding ecological bonus), is well equipped with an electric rear trunk, but only since the 2021 version.

Owners of the first hour may therefore have it a bit in the throat, especially since this addition is indeed planned by Tesla, since they have been doing it in China for more than a year. Let’s bet that Tesla will allow its first-time customers in France and Europe to benefit from an electric rear trunk soon, which would be good news for many.

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