But what is the Pixel 8 Pro thermometer for?

This was part of the rumors: the Pixel 8 Pro does indeed have a temperature sensor. All smartphones already have one, but only to measure the temperature of the chip. Google intends to go further with its new smartphone, without us really knowing where.

This October 4, it was the Made by Google conference, during which Google presented the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro and their seven years of updates, the Pixel Watch 2, an update of the Pixel Buds Pro and released the first version of Android 14. If the Pixel 8 Pro is not a revolution, it offers some new software and hardware features, such as this on-board thermometer.

Uses of a thermometer on a smartphone according to Google

For Google, this functionality “ can be useful for cooking or knowing concrete/pavement temperature to keep pets safe and comfortable “. In short, it allows you to measure the surface temperature of an object.

Another more everyday use: Google assures that this sensor can be used to check the temperature of a bottle of milk. The temperature recommended by Health Insurance is a maximum of 37°C: to avoid burning your baby, it is important not to exceed this temperature.

The application exclusive to Pixel 8 Pro: Thermometer

This temperature sensor is located in the photo block on the far right and under the flash, in a small circle like the latter. In the Thermometer application, which is only found on this model, you must first select the material you want to measure in order to have the most precise result possible.

Although there is a default setting, the choices are: “ Organic foods and products “, ” Drinks and water “, ” Melting “, ” Ceramic and glass “, ” Matt metal “, ” Shiny metal “, ” Plastic and rubber “, ” Fabric “, ” Drink ” as well as ” Walls and windows “.

For a precise measurement, the application invites the user to bring the sensor within five centimeters of the object. An icon appears on the screen and is placed in the same place as the temperature sensor on the back of the device.

Accuracy varies depending on the material, Google says, but also depending on the distance from the object and the temperatures measured. The sensor is sufficiently precise between -20°C and 150°C.

No, the Pixel 8 Pro is not used to take your body temperature (not yet)

To market a temperature sensor as a thermometer for living beings (humans, animals), certifications are required. In the United States, Google has not received them: the company hopes to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Only after this authorization will the Thermometer application allow you to take your own body temperature. However, it will probably take a little longer before Google obtains authorization for the European market. On its blog, Google specifies that the temperature measurement can be recorded in the Fitbit application.

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