Google rozważa opłaty za funkcję premium

Buckle up, Google wants to be paid

Alphabet, the owner of Google, is considering charging for premium features on its AI-powered search engine. This information was reported by the Financial Times, citing people familiar with the internet giant's plan. But apparently this option has not been decided yet.

Google is still considering several options, including including artificial intelligence-based search functions in its premium subscription services. It already provides access to the new Gemini AI assistant in Gmail and Docs.

Such a decision would mark the first time Google would put any of its core products behind a paywall.

At the same time, traditional search is expected to remain free, and ads will continue to appear next to search results even for subscribers. Google also confirmed its failure to opt out of search ads in a press statement sent to Reuters.

Not without significance in this context is the information that Alphabet shares fell by approximately 1% in extended trading.

On the other hand, a large piece of the cake is taken by ChatGPT and Microsoft supporting it. And this forces the Internet giant to eat just as much with a smaller meal.

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