breathtaking acceleration for its new electric motorcycle at a salty price

A few months after its reveal, the new LiveWire S2 Del Mar finally unveils its detailed technical characteristics. The electric motorcycle, which is owned by Harley-Davidson, ranks below the LiveWire One in both price and performance.

If you’ve never heard of LiveWire, you probably know Harley-Davidson. The firm had launched its first electric motorcycle under this name in 2019, but the success was not there. It was therefore decided to create an independent division. A bit like Volvo with Polestar for example.

Sufficient power

In July 2021, the manufacturer lifted the veil on its LiveWire One, which was then launched during the month of March. But the manufacturer obviously did not intend to stop there, quite the contrary. As early as February 2022, Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeit claimed that a second model would see the light of day. And so it was in May 2022 that it was made official.

This is the LiveWire S2 Del Mar, which was quickly launched in stride, while the brand’s website recalls that orders are already open. But it was just a launch version. The manufacturer had not yet unveiled the full technical data sheet. It is now done, as the site indicates. Electrek.

Harley Davidson

If the manufacturer was content so far to announce a power of around 80 horsepower, we now have the right to a more precise figure, with 84 horses, or 64 kWh. A good surprise, as the torque is displayed at 249 Nm. Which is simply huge. As a result, the 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in three seconds for a maximum speed of 166 km/h.

The brand also provides information on the battery of its electric motorcycle, which displays a capacity of 10.5 kWh, against 15.4 kWh for the LiveWire One. Result, autonomy is established at 181 kilometers in town and 113 in extra urban cycle. It descends 69 kilometers on the highway at a speed of 113 km/h. Recharging takes about 2.5 hours from 10 to 80%.

A salty price

The new electric motorcycle, which allows the brand to go hunting on the land of specialized brands like Zero Motorcycles, displays a weight of 198 kilos on the scale. Which remains relatively high, but which is obviously due to the presence of the battery, like on an electric car. However, it is equipped withan aluminum swingarm which allows you to limit your overweight.

Its equipment also includes the Showa suspension as well as 19-inch wheels, while the whole is completed by disc brakes provided by Brembo. The driver can enjoy many comfort features, including a 4-inch TFT screen round shape which acts as digital instrumentation. This is associated with a USB socket to charge your smartphone.

What about prices? Be careful, because these are unsurprisingly quite salty. In fact, you have to count at least 20,190 euros, a price which does not however take into account the ecological bonus, displayed at 900 euros. For now, we do not yet know the date scheduled for the first deliveries of this electric motorcycle.

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