Bouygues Telecom returns with a special 5G mobile plan

Changing plans for the start of the school year is a good way to preserve an already strained budget. That’s good, Bouygues Telecom is launching a special series mobile offer. On the program: big 5G envelope and low price.

Good deals are also making a comeback, as Bouygues Telecom proves to us with its special series mobile plan. Indeed, among the four non-binding offers offered by the operator, one of them particularly stands out. Priced at 15.99 euros per month, it provides access to 130 GB of mobile data, and 5G please.

A generous mobile data plan

Watch the series One Piece in high quality without delay on public transport, listen to your favorite artist’s latest album on repeat on Spotify and share your connection in the event of a box outage: this is a fraction of what the new Bouygues Telecom package allows. Its 130 GB in 5G ensures that you don’t run out of mobile data in the middle of the month, and that you benefit from excellent speed.

Of course, this mobile plan allows unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from and to mainland France. Travelers also benefit from 30 GB of mobile data to use in Europe, as well as unlimited calls and SMS to the French Overseas Territories and Europe. In short, here you have the whole range of good mobile plans for 2023.

How much does the package cost?

This is the main advantage of this special series package: its price. So, where many 4G plans still display a price of around 20 euros, this mobile offer is billed at 15.99 euros per month. And with 5G compatibility.

His other strength is his commitment. Or rather the absence of the latter. The Bouygues Telecom package gives users great freedom in managing their subscription. You can cancel the offer at any time without fear of having to pay any fees.

What is the package network?

The Bouygues Telecom package is based on the operator’s very good 4G and 5G network coverage. In total, 99% of the population of mainland France is covered. Whether in town, in the countryside, outdoors or on public transport, users benefit from very good speed.

How do I subscribe to the special series package?

As always with Bouygues Telecom, all termination procedures are handled by the operator. When subscribing, it is possible to enter your RIO identifier (by dialing 3179) if you wish to keep the same telephone number.

10 euros will be requested upon purchase to cover the cost of the new SIM card. Delivery takes place within a few days. Mobile services do not suffer any interruption during transfer.

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