Bouygues Telecom facilitates access to 5G with this offer at 15.99 euros

“5G packages are too expensive” is an argument that we should see disappear in the coming months. The proof with this 130 GB offer, 5G compatible, displayed at 15.99 euros per month.

Previously reserved for premium smartphones and advanced users, 5G has become widely available in 2023. The majority of recent terminals are compatible with the new mobile network standard, even for expensive months. Above all, the price of 5G packages is falling and is finally joining that of 4G offers.

The proof is with Bouygues Telecom, which displays its 130 GB 5G package at the price of only 15.99 euros, without commitment. Here is a new good reason to switch.

5G and big data at a good price

Taking advantage of a 5G mobile plan is good, but you still need to have a sufficient amount of data to use it. This is what Bouygues Telecom currently offers with a non-binding package priced at 15.99 euros per month. Each month, it offers:

  • 130 GB of mobile data in 5G;
  • of which 30 GB can be used in Europe/DOM;
  • calls, SMS and MMS in France and Europe.

The plan focuses on the essentials, and does not offer extravagant options. This is what allows it to display such a tight price. Something to further democratize 5G.

Especially since here, the volume of data included is substantial. With 130 GB, there is no need to pay attention to its consumption of streaming videos or its time spent on social networks. There is even plenty of room to share your connection with a computer. However, be careful not to download files that are too large!

Choose what you want more

Rather than imposing options on you that you don’t use, and thus raising the price of the invoice, Bouygues Telecom offers them to you in addition. It is then possible to enrich your package with à la carte services, and generally offered without obligation. Even better, many options are free for the first month or more. We find :

  • Disney + free for one month, then 8.99 euros without commitment;
  • a subscription to L’Équipe free for one month, then 9.99 euros without commitment;
  • Deezer Premium free for four months, then 10.99 euros;
  • and many others…

By accumulating all these free trial periods, there is enough to make significant savings.

10 minutes to change mobile plan

No phone call to make, even less registered mail to send, subscribing to a new mobile plan couldn’t be simpler. Once you have added the 130 GB 5G plan to your basket, all you have to do is enter your personal information.

If you wish to keep the same telephone number, and cancel your current line, it is important to provide your RIO identifier, which you can obtain by dialing 31 79. Thanks to it, you keep the same telephone line, and Bouygues Telecom cancels your old package automatically.

The migration from one operator to another is done without interruption of services. An SMS will tell you when the portability of the services will take place. That is to say, when can you insert your new SIM card to take advantage of 5G Bouygues Telecom.

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