Boss Larian explains the future of BG3 and BG4

Boss Larian explains the future of BG3 and BG4

Swen Vincke, head of the LArian studio, dispelled all doubts about the future of Bladur's Gate 3 and its potentially planned sequel.

It took place on August 3, 2023 premiere of Baldur's Gate 3 and the world shook. Players finally got a game worth the price, which is fully finished, does not hit you with errors from all sides, and does not try to milk the user out of money at every step. Other producers didn't like it and immediately defended themselves not to expect that all productions would suddenly be at the level of the creation. Larian Studios.

Swen Vincke talks straight about the future of BG3

Questions immediately arose as to when expansions developing the story or taking us on a new adventure would appear and whether any were planned continuation in the form of the fourth installment of the series. From the very beginning, Larian Studios maintained that any DLC would be difficult to implement, although many players probably hoped that the popularity of the production would change the attitude of the game's creators.

However, these hopes were dashed. Swen Vincke decided to explain to fans of their production how things stand. Head of Larian Studios in a Twitter thread, he explained that they still have no plans to create any DLC for their game. He added that he understands the bitterness and disappointment of some players, but defends himself by saying that the story they told has a beginning, middle and end.

The Larian boss also commented on the potential fourth part of Baldur's Gate. He claims that if one is created, it will not be from their wings, but Baldur's Gate 3 characters belong to Wizards of the Coast and believes that they will be treated with due respect.

Finally, Vincke added that this doesn't mean they're done with BG3. There will continue to be updates to fix bugs and add new features, including mod support.

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