BNP Paribas will remember how you hold your smartphone.  The cheater will have a harder time

BNP Paribas will remember how you hold your smartphone. The cheater will have a harder time

BNP Paribas has launched a new solution to protect customers against fraudsters. The bank has implemented behavioral protection, thanks to which it will recognize when someone other than the account owner starts using the GOmobile mobile application.

Behavioral safeguards have been gaining more and more popularity recently. BNP Paribas had already introduced a similar solution in Goonline electronic banking, and at the beginning of April, VeloBank boasted of such security. mBank was the first to implement it on the Polish market.

What is behavioral protection at BNP Paribas?

Behavioral protection is available at BNP Paribas for all customers for free. The new solution in the banking application involves creating a unique user behavior model based on how he uses the phone.

Behavioral verification eliminates unauthorized transaction attempts performed by the fraudster, e.g. making a transfer from an account or submitting a loan application. System examines and analyzes e.g. the way people click, scrolling the screen, entering data and even holding the smartphone. In a situation where the activity in GOmobile differs significantly from the model, e.g. when someone else logs in to the application, the bank may contact the customer to verification of the performed operation. Behavioral protection works in the background and, once activated, does not require any additional action from the user.

As BNP Paribas emphasizes, specific to each user the behavioral model is constantly updated. With age or the passage of time, human behavior may change, but at the same time the customer's behavioral profile will also change.

The service is available to turn on at any time in the GOmobile applicationselecting: Profile menu, then Security and Behavioral Protection menu, as well as in the GOonline electronic banking system.

In online banking BNP Paribas security systems using user behavior models are available from 2023. In this case, the system checks, for example, the way the mouse is moved or the pace of typing on the keyboard.

The Behavioral Protection Service is provided by the Credit Information Bureau. As BNP Paribas emphasizes, neither the bank nor BIK they do not collect information about customers regarding the services and websites used, or about the content or characters (letters, numbers) entered in the application, including when logging in.

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