BNP Paribas zapłaci klientom. Nawet po 430 zł

BNP Paribas will pay customers. Even for PLN 430

Another promotion has started at BNP Paribas Bank. You can win up to PLN 430 if you meet simple requirements.

The promotion at BNP Paribas is part of the “Do something for yourself” campaign. The promotion has been active for a long time, but prize amounts and requirements have changed. The latest edition gives you the opportunity to win PLN 430, lasts until May 17, 2024 or until the pool of 9,000 entries is exhausted.

How to get PLN 430 from the bank?

To win PLN 430, you must first open an account using the promotion website. The promotion covered the bank’s flagship personal account, i.e. Konto Otwarte na Młodych. Its operation is free of charge. It should be remembered that the promotion is addressed to new customers of BNP Paribas Bank.

After signing the agreement with the bank and opening the account, it is necessary to activate the payment card – Open Card for Today. This can be done online, for example in online banking in your browser. For activating the card, you will receive a first prize of PLN 50.

Using the card normally costs PLN 7 per month, but you can get rid of this fee. If you make at least 3 transactions each month, the fee will be reduced to PLN 2. You won’t pay a penny if you additionally agree to receive marketing communications. You will find the consents in electronic banking. The fee is not charged to customers who are under 26 years of age.

It is worth activating BLIK payments immediately in the GOmobile mobile application – you will need them when collecting subsequent prizes.

The next two prizes are worth PLN 190 each. They will be paid in the months following the month in which you meet a few simple conditions:

  • a minimum of PLN 900 will be transferred to the account (it does not have to be a salary, but it cannot be a transfer from another account in the same bank or a cash deposit);
  • you will make two transfers for a minimum amount of PLN 50 each;
  • you will make at least 4 BLIK transactions for any amount (excluding gambling transactions).

You can download the full regulations, table of fees and commissions from the promotion website. As standard, you can count on free transfers, mobile payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay and others. There is also an Open Card for Świat, which can be paid in 160 currencies without currency conversion costs (costs PLN 12 per month) or an Open Card for eŚwiat with “Cyber ​​Help” insurance (PLN 8 per month).

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