BNP Paribas customers are getting their money's worth again.  A moment of inattention and you lose money

BNP Paribas customers are getting their money’s worth again. A moment of inattention and you lose money

Cybercriminals are still actively looking for people to fleece. This time they organized a new phishing campaign targeting BNP Paribas bank customers

Cybercriminals don’t sleep and hardly a day goes by without one appearing on the horizon new phishing campaign. Fraudsters are particularly fond of impersonating banks and financial institutions. This time is no different, as they are hunting BNP Paribas customers.

CSIRT KNF warns BNP Paribas clients. The fraudsters went on a hunt

It might seem that there have been so many warnings in the media about phishing campaigns and fake websites that everyone is perfectly aware of the threat. Unfortunately, the constant emergence of new campaigns organized by cybercriminals proves that their methods are still effective.

Lately CSIRT KNF announced the detection of another phishing operation, this time targeting BNP Paribas bank customers. Potential victims receive a message allegedly authored by BNP Parbias. The content includes information about the need to verify identity, otherwise the user’s bank account will be blocked.

This is an obvious trick by cybercriminals. The message contains a link that takes us to a fake website with the registered trademarks of the BNP Parbias bank. There, fraudsters extort electronic banking login details.

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