BLUETTI is selling off its portable generators for Black Friday to reduce your electricity bill

All methods are good for saving on heating during the winter. Compact, powerful and rechargeable with solar panels, BLUETTI generators benefit from great discounts during Black Friday.

What if you took advantage of Black Friday to treat yourself to an electric generator? Practical for having electricity during your van trips, they are also a great help in the event of a power outage. The most powerful ones can even power electric heaters, and thus allow you to reduce your energy bill during the winter.

Recognized for the excellent value for money and the compactness of its portable batteries, the BLUETTI brand already offers great discounts on its best references. Here are the most interesting offers:

BLUETTI EB70: the essentials at a low price

For nature lovers, BLUETTI has designed its EB70 generator. Ultra-compact and relatively light since it weighs only 9.7 kg, this portable battery can accompany you without incident during your excursions and provide additional power to most of your devices.

The EB70 benefits from complete connectivity allowing you to simultaneously connect two smartphones, a PC, as well as a hob for example.

This station can deliver current at a maximum power of 1000 W and offers up to 716 Wh with a full charge. This is more than enough to heat up a meal, have light at nightfall and recharge all your mobile equipment. If necessary, you can even recharge it using a PV200 solar panel provided in the pack.

On the occasion of Black Friday, this complete kit is available for 998 euros instead of 1158 euros. This is one of the most competitive offers at the moment.

Next December, the BLUETTI brand will unveil the successor to the EB70: the AC70. This model generally has the characteristics of the EB70, but can increase to a power of 2000 W thanks to a specific mode. Enough to connect more energy-consuming devices simultaneously. However, you will have to wait a few more days before discovering its price.

BLUETTI AC180: a small portable station overflowing with resources

Launched last April, the BLUETTI AC180 electric generator is so compact that it is no bigger than a large backpack. But don’t be fooled by its size, because it boasts a remarkable power of 1800 W, which can reach 2700 W with a specific mode.

This electrical station can therefore power all types of appliances, even the most energy-intensive such as auxiliary heating, a microwave or even a kettle. In the event of a power outage, you can save the contents of your refrigerator, turn on the light, watch TV and even prepare delicious meals.

Such a tool is also very practical for improvising a DIY workshop at the bottom of your garden or for not missing anything during your excursions into the great outdoors. Indeed, in terms of connectivity, BLUETTI has everything planned: a USB-C port, 4 USB-A ports, as well as 2 230-volt AC outlets.

Until November 27, the BLUETTI AC180 station is priced at 899 euros instead of 1099 euros.

BLUETTI AC200MAX: a modular station according to its needs

Also mobile, the BLUETTI AC200MAX generator has the advantage of being modular. Basically, the device can deliver current at a maximum power of 2200 W and contains 2048 Wh with a full charge.

However, its capacity can easily be increased tenfold by adding up to two additional B230 batteries of 2048 Wh each. You can thus reach a total of 6144 Wh.

Furthermore, this electrical station can be recharged at a power of 900 W by solar panels such as the BLUETTI PV350. An optimal solution to never run out of power when traveling in a van. In case of emergency, you can also opt for double solar and electric charging, and in less than two hours the BLUETTI AC200MAX is full.

For Black Friday, BLUETTI is offering two packs at a reduced price. Combined with a PV350 solar panel, the AC200MAX costs 2198 euros instead of 2798 euros. Accompanied by an additional B230 module to extend its capacity, this generator goes from 3299 to 2598 euros.

BLUETTI AC500 and its B300S batteries: to power an apartment for a whole day

To gain even more autonomy and save on your energy bill, BLUETTI has provided the AC500 generator. This model can be recharged either from the mains or via PV350 solar panels or from a car.

Coupled with a B300S extension battery, the system delivers up to 3072 Wh of current at a power of 5000 W. If necessary, you can combine it with six B300S modules to reach a total capacity of 12,288 Wh. Such a level can power an entire apartment for a whole day, or an electric heater at medium power for two days. Enough to reduce energy costs during the winter if you have a solar panel.

During Black Friday and until November 27, BLUETTI is dropping the price of its AC500 + B300S + PV350 pack from 6,398 to 5,198 euros, a nice discount of 19%.

Try to win great gifts with the “Wheel of Luck»

During this promotional period, BLUETTI offers you the opportunity to run its “Wheel of Luck“. As a result, the brand allows you to win generators, solar panels, as well as discount vouchers.

To play it’s very simple. If you are already a customer, you can stake the BLUETTI Bucks automatically credited following your latest purchases, otherwise the manufacturer offers you something to try your luck for subscribing to its newsletter.

As a bonus, for any order placed before November 27, BLUETTI triples the Bucks won and on the day of November 24, the brand will deliver five times the quantity of Bucks usually offered. You can then exchange them for reduction coupons or even gifts in BLUETTI colors.

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