Blik płatny 5 zł. Pierwsze zmiany już od kwietnia

Blik paid PLN 5. The first changes from April

The fee schedule for mBank customers has been changing since April – the institution reminds in a press release. Let's be honest, these are not changes for the better.

It has long been known that ATM withdrawals may incur extra fees. However, for years banks have been concluding appropriate agreements with ATM operators to offer at least some of the points to their customers on preferential terms, and BLIK was certainly commission-free.

Unfortunately, mBank's customers will soon run out of El Dorado, as the bank reminds in its announcement, probably wanting to avoid misunderstandings.

Euronet is no longer available to mBank customers

With the arrival of April Santander Bank Polska and Euronet devices disappear from the list of free ATMs. Using them will involve paying a fee of PLN 5 each time. Additionally, mBank will collect PLN 2 for each cash withdrawal at the store's cash register as part of the cashback service.

An alternative is to purchase a service that allows you to use all ATMs free of charge, but this also becomes more expensive. More specifically, from PLN 9 to PLN 18. The only small advantage here is that the limit for a one-time free withdrawal increases to PLN 300, from PLN 100.

However, the fee for cards issued for personal eKonto is also increasing. Instead of PLN 7 as before, it will be PLN 10, although customers have been left with the option of being exempt from the fee after exceeding the indicated threshold for non-cash transactions. In this way you have to spend at least PLN 350 per month.

Paid BLIK from June 4

But the biggest change will come not in April, but on June 4. Then too the bank intends to charge a commission of PLN 5i.e., as in the case of foreign ATMs, withdrawals are made using Blik.

Of course, the institution explains all changes that are inconvenient for consumers as increasing own costs. As stated, customers will still be able to use, among others: from free BLIK payments or in-app transfers, so people aware of the changes should avoid fees quite skillfully.

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