BLIK is pouring diamonds.  PLN 400 checks and 1,000 GB packages are also up for grabs

BLIK is pouring diamonds. PLN 400 checks and 1,000 GB packages are also up for grabs

The next edition of the BLIKOMANIA lottery has started. The organizers have prepared quite unusual prizes – you can win one of 70 diamonds. Checks worth PLN 200 and PLN 400 will also be drawn among the participants.

You can take part in the BLIKOMANIA 2024 campaign every BLIK user. Just register at

In addition to the main prizes, all participants are entitled to additionally, a guaranteed prize. This year's lottery is supported by 19 banks that provide BLIK in their mobile applications. BLIKOMANIA 2024 will last until June 23, 2024.

BLIKOMANIA 2024: what can you win and how to play?

In the lottery, every user: new and existing has a chance to win. Enough is enough register on the website and complete a registration transaction worth PLN 1, which is possible via the Tpay payment integrator. Each such payment will be credited to the account of the Children's University Foundation and will be allocated to the implementation of educational activities addressed to children, teachers and the elderly, including: network security.

This edition is waiting for registered participants 70 main prizes in the form of diamonds and 8.4 thousand checks worth PLN 200 and PLN 400.

Regular use of BLIK servicesA – payments by code, transfers to the phone or deposits and withdrawals at an ATM – increases the chance of winning a check of PLN 200.

In turn, a check for PLN 400 can be won in the lottery by those users who participate pay with contactless BLIK. The pool of all winnings is over PLN 3 million.

Additionally, all participants are entitled to: guaranteed prize of 1000 GB for 30 days in the offer for a Plus or Plush card and the Start package for 30 days in the streaming service from Polsat Box Go.

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