BLIK nie tylko dla Polaków. Rusza na podbój Europy

BLIK goes beyond Poland. Two countries priority

BLIK is planning foreign expansion. Currently, the priority is two countries, but the plans are much more ambitious.

BLIK is an extremely popular payment method. Every year we use it to complete more and more transactions in higher and higher amounts. The same applies to BLIK transfers to the phone. No wonder there are plans for foreign expansion. For now, in two countries, but the goals do not end there.

BLIK moves west

Monika Król, vice-president of BLIK, emphasized in an interview for PAP that the current priority is to launch the payment system in Slovakia and Romania. The first demonstration transaction has already taken place in the first of these countries. However, in the case of Romania, the regulator’s decision is pending. However, BLIK does not intend to stop there.

BLIK’s development plans are focused on the entire euro zone, we pay particular attention to markets such as Italy, Spain, France and Germany, where we see significant potential for the development of our payments in the e-commerce channel.

– said Monika Król.

The vice president of BLIK is aware that there are similar payment methods in the West, but the strength of the Polish solution is its versatility. Moreover, she is convinced that foreign markets are large enough that BLIK will find its place there.

The system is easily scalable and we are convinced that we have strong know-how and a solid business case on which we can rely when arguing the power of BLIK to new potential partners.

– added the vice president of BLIK.

In 2023, BLIK users completed almost 1.8 billion transactions with a total value of nearly PLN 250 billion. BLIK transfers to the phone are also very popular, with as many as 415 million of them last year. The development of the system is the responsibility of the Polish Payment System, whose shareholders include, among others: Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Santander Bank Polska, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, PKO Bank Polski and Mastercard.

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