big upheaval in France for this big name in electric scooters and motorcycles

Super Soco, the champion of small electric motorcycles, now has its own subsidiary in France. Several new features are expected in the coming months.

If you live in a big city, you’ve probably come across Super Soco’s small motorcycles at least once. Fully electric, these models made in China are equipped with a removable battery, which guarantees up to 110 km of theoretical autonomy. Thanks to a competitive price and serious services, they quickly established themselves on the market for 50 and 125 cc equivalent electric motorcycles.

Super Soco creates its subsidiary in France

Super Soco is controlled by the Australian group Vmoto. For the distribution of its two-wheelers on the French market, it has until now gone through a local importer, who was placed in liquidation this summer. Also, Vmoto found itself forced to change its plans and ultimately chose to take control again. With this in mind, a subsidiary Vmoto Soco France was recently created. Since July 27, 2023, it has been responsible for importing vehicles into the French market.

The new Stash soon on the roads

Regarding the range, several new products are expected in the coming months. The new Stash motorcycle will finally enter production, almost two years after its presentation. In an interview published in theCycle Officialthe sales director in France explained that this ignition delay was due to a desire to improve certain points of the motorcycle.

Classified in the 125 equivalent category, the Stash will be placed a notch above the TC Max. To mark its difference in terms of positioning in the range, it will also be sold under the name Vmoto. Its price has been set at 7,990 euros excluding bonuses, or around 2,000 euros more than the TC Max. The first examples will arrive in dealerships in January 2024.

To justify its higher price, the Stash will offer better performance. The latest news, Vmoto announced 150 km of autonomy and a maximum speed of 120 km/h. On the other hand, the fixed battery will not suit everyone.

Super Soco

At the same time, Super Soco is preparing the arrival of the 125 versions of its Wanderer and Street Hunter, two electric motorcycles already available in 50 cc equivalent. Electric dirt bikes will also be included in the brand’s catalog.

New scooters

The scooter range is also set to develop, notably with the F01, a new model with large wheels. Available in both 50 and 125, it will be sold between 3,590 and 3,790 euros. Finally, Super Soco must market the HC10 and HC200, two more premium electric scooters sold by the new Sarkcyber branch.

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