Big sale of Angell Bike electric bikes: the good deal or a fool’s bargain?

An Angell Bike for almost half the price? Too good to be true ? We give you the keys to crack, or not.

First of all, if the name Angell is not familiar to you, it is because you may have missed one of the “greatest revolutions” of electric bicycles in France. However, if you have already heard of Meetic, the link is made by itself. The two companies share the same father, Marc Simoncini, an emblematic figure of the French entrepreneurial landscape. Marc Simoncini had promised to “revolutionize the bike”.

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Angell’s Promise

With an introductory price of 2,700 euros, the Angell S Rapide and Angell M Rapide models aroused great interest. Especially since these innovative bikes are currently available for 1,504 euros at Carrefour. However, should we jump at the chance? The debate is more complex than it seems.

It is important to specify that the models currently on sale are not the latest releases. This is the first generation of Angell, launched in 2021. Since then, the brand has introduced the Cruiser M, a model with significantly improved characteristics.

The pitfalls of the launch

It wouldn’t be honest to overlook the many challenges that Angell faced during its launch. Indeed, the brand suffered from several teething problems. Users noted serious battery issues, limited battery life, and a very frustrating overall experience. In comparison to other connected bikes like those from VanMoof, Cowboy or Iweech, Angell seemed to lag behind.

Angel Bike

That said, the Angell bike is not without strengths. Its design is an undeniable success: refined, without any visible welding, it is pleasant to look at and to use. Its lightness, high quality brakes, intuitive app and fast charging are some of its strengths.

The Angell Bike screen is very readable

However, it is important to point out that these models have suffered from many problems and some persist. Interactions with customer service are likely to be recurring. While Angell has arguably fixed a lot of issues since launch, the bike suffered from an unfortunate initial design, and that’s still a concern.

Faced with these elements, it is therefore essential to exercise caution, even in the face of such a substantial discount. Before making a decision, do not hesitate to find out more. Consult Facebook groups, question users directly: they can give you valuable feedback.

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