Apple ogłasza duże zwolnienia

Big layoffs at Apple. Reason? Car

Apple, the manufacturer of iPhones, is laying off 600 employees in California, USA. This is the result of the closure of the autonomous car project.

This is the first large wave of employee reduction in fruit farmers after the pandemic. A total of 614 employees in eight offices lost their jobs. The notices reached our desks on March 28, and the end of work will take place at the end of May – according to reports for regional authorities.

Apple joined others

Certain there have been swallows indicating such an end before. Apple in February canceled plans to build an electric car, the preparation of which cost the company many billions – reports The Guardian. Executives at the time reportedly told employees that the company is directing its resources towards artificial intelligence programs and layoffs of some employees are expected. Ultimately, the electric vehicle program was also intended to lead to the creation of a fully autonomous car. However, it was never finally implemented. Nevertheless, the decision to completely close the project came as a surprise to employees.

Apple has defended itself so far from large layoffs after the pandemic. Other technology companies have noticeably reduced their workforces over the past two years. Amazon announced a new round of layoffs earlier this week, this time at its cloud computing company AWS. In recent months, video game maker Electronic Arts announced it was cutting about 5% of its workforce and Sony announced it was eliminating about 900 jobs at its PlayStation division. Now fruit growers have also joined this group.

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