Big increase in autonomy for this electric car soon to be sold in France

Like the Peugeot e-308, the Funky Cat sold in Europe has a battery that is a bit tight for its size. Ora has fortunately corrected the situation with a new 63 kWh version.

Marketed by the Ora brand, the Funky Cat is one of the many Chinese electric cars that are sweeping the Old Continent. Although it could be mistaken for a city car, it measures 4.24 meters long and belongs more to the compact family. A little longer than a Mini Cooper then. Its range of 310 km may therefore seem a little light compared to what the big names in the category offer.

The Ora Funky Cat crosses the 400 km autonomy mark

This is undoubtedly why Ora decided to complete the offer with the Funky Cat First Edition+. On this new version, the battery capacity increases from 48 to 63 kWh. The range increases considerably to peak at 260 miles in the WLTP cycle, or around 420 km.

The installation of a new battery is not accompanied by any other technical changes. The Ora Cat First Edition+ retains the 171 hp engine and remains simple front-wheel drive. The charging time is not mentioned in the press release.

As a reminder, the 48 kWh Funky Cat does not particularly shine in this area. Penalized by its maximum charging power of only 64 kW, it requires almost three quarters of an hour to go from 15 to 80% on a fast terminal (manufacturer figure).

A limited series of 50 copies

The Funky Cat First Edition+ is the new standard-bearer of the range and as such benefits from complete equipment. The panoramic glass roof and the wireless smartphone charger are, for example, delivered as standard, as are the massaging, heated and electrically adjustable front seats. The distribution of the car will be limited to 50 examples, all equipped with a numbered badge. Subsequently, the large battery should be offered on less ephemeral versions.

To date, the Funky Cat is sold in Germany and the United Kingdom. Ora, which belongs to the Great Wall Motor group, plans to expand more widely in Europe in the coming months. France should normally be one of the countries concerned.

However, the introduction of the new bonus unfavorable to Chinese cars in 2024 will greatly penalize the Funky Cat. Especially since the latter is not particularly attractive from a financial point of view. Sold for 31,995 pounds at entry level (or around 37,000 euros), it costs 5,000 pounds more than the MG4. The First Editon+ is sold for 33,795 pounds (around 39,000 euros). But it must be said that the materials and finishes have nothing to do with it.

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