Wielkie zamieszanie na turnieju CS2. O co poszło?

Big fuss at the CS2 tournament. What was it about?

The most important Counter-Strike 2 tournament of the year is currently taking place. During one of the matches, there was a huge confusion. Bystanders ran onto the stage. What was it about?

A major in Counter-Strike 2 is currently taking place in Copenhagen. The best teams in the world are fighting for the trophy in the first tournament of this rank in the new version of Valve's game. Unfortunately, there was a huge mess during the G2 Esports match. Protestants ran onto the stage and the cup was damaged.

Riot at the CS2 tournament

During the G2 Esports match, bystanders ran onto the stage and as a result of the confusion, the cup was damaged. Initially, it was unclear what it was about, because e-sport has never been associated with such antics. However, it quickly turned out that the companies behind the riots were, in my opinion, the greatest evil in the gaming world. We are talking about gambling websites.

CSGEmpire, a website where you can draw, exchange and sell Counter-Strike skins, admitted causing the confusion. The company reportedly paid spectators to rush to the stage during a G2 Esports match. Why was this team chosen? Because the organization has a sponsorship agreement with CSGORoll, a rival of CSGOEmpire.

There has been a long-standing conflict between the websites. Both accuse each other of cheating, and apparently the hatred has grown to such an extent that it has become something that e-sports has been free from. Pity.

These malicious competitors have engaged in a hate campaign against us and claim that we operate “scam websites.” We don't know their motives, but we suspect it's a personal vendetta based on grudges intended to harm our company and gain a competitive advantage.

– we read on the CSGEmpire blog.

I hope that Valve will block all gambling sites related to CS2 skins as soon as possible. All of them, every single one.

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