Duża zmiana w Biedronce. Zauważysz ją na parkingach pod sklepem

Big change in Biedronka. You'll notice her outside the store

Biedronka is preparing a small revolution in its stores. Shop customers will notice the change in parking lots.

This year alone, Biedronka intends to install as many as 600 chargers for electric cars in its stores. This goal has already been partially achieved, as the company now boasts 269 charging stations – reports Dziennik.pl.

Biedronka sets up charging stations

Biedronka builds its charging stations in cooperation with the Portuguese company Powerdot. Each of them is to have a power of 120 kW. They will also offer three types of connectors: CCS, ChamDemo and Type 2. The chargers allow payment by traditional card, QR code without registration, and RFiD card with subscription, so they support various suppliers.

Interestingly, charging stations appear in front of Biedronka stores, which are often located in small towns where there is a shortage of electric cars, e.g. in Natalin, Bochotnica or Drawski Młyn.

Thanks to our joint investment, Poland is gradually and evenly covered with a network of very high-power charging stations. In the near future, it will be possible to travel around the country by electric car with charging breaks only at Biedronka parking lots.

– said Grigoriy Grigoriev, general director of Powerdot in Poland.

Currently, there are over 62,000 cars in Poland. electric cars. Their owners have 6,490 charging points at their disposal, including 4,680 AC and 1,810 DC. They are located mainly in large cities, but Biedronka's investments are intended to change this trend. Other chains also have similar plans, including Lidl.

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