Biedronka sells TVs.  All under a thousand

Biedronka sells TVs. All under a thousand

Biedronka is updating its offer. You can now find an interesting promotion for TVs in the Home online store.

Biedronka has long been more than just a stationary store. The network realizes the power of the Internet and the potential it gives them own e-commerce platform. It would be difficult to put a display with TV sets between the vegetables and empty pallets, but you can buy them on their website. What’s more, one of the models was on an interesting promotion.

Biedronka sells TVs

In the latest Biedronka leaflet you can find information about an interesting promotion for TVs. This is about UD brand devices. The promotion covers W5210 models with a diagonal of 23″, 32″ and 40″. Moreover, the larger the model we choose, the greater the discount. All three devices run on AndroidTV 11 and were equipped with LCD panel with HD resolution. More demanding users can use Google Play and Google Cast. There is also a Google assistant.

TV set UD with a diagonal of 23 inches is available for PLN 599, so we will pay PLN 100 less for it than standard. In turn, the larger 32-inch model was covered by the promotion -200 PLN and costs PLN 699. The most attractive promotion was for the model with a 40-inch screen diagonal. Here instead of the standard price of PLN 1,299 we will pay PLN 999, i.e. PLN 300 less than usual.

The offer is available now and will last until March 3 or while stocks last.

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