BforBank is completely changing its identity, what does this mean for former customers?

The online bank BforBank has just begun a complete reversal of its commercial strategy. In addition to new, more inclusive card offers, the bank has given itself the opportunity to give itself a second lease of life: new logo, new colors and new philosophy.

This is what we call a major facelift, BforBank, the online bank “premium» of the Crédit Agricole group, has just completely reinvented its graphic identity as well as its offers. A radical reversal of commercial strategy to position itself on a supposedly more promising axis, that of a bank “digital [sic] relational». A philosophy that the bank hammers home with an emphasis on closer customer and advisor relationships and a simplification of budget management procedures. Now let’s see how this will materialize in the long term.

This change is first made from an aesthetic point of view, the bank abandoning the brown, white and black with very chic connotations for a more attractive and modern blue and white visual and a logo in the shape of a frog’s head.

But it is also a drastic change in terms of card offers since BforBank is abandoning its old cards and price lists for an offer made up of two cards: BforBASIC which is free and BforZEN, billed at 4 euros per month (free for six months). This is therefore the end of the free Visa Premium card, but also of the Infinite offer which was one of the representatives of Premium cards in the online banking market. Finally, we are getting closer to an offer “to the» Hello Bank!

What will this change for former BforBank customers?

Obviously, such a change of direction will impact the bank’s former customers with, initially, a total change of interface which should bring together all customer activities within a single Web interface and a single application. . On the advantage side, customers will finally benefit from an update of their balance in real time and no income conditions to have access to the BforZEN card, unlike the old Visa Premium card. Finally, in addition to a better application, all customers will be entitled to free instant transfers and customer service available by telephone 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Note, however, the downside of the end of premium VISA offers, the end of overdraft authorizations.

Concerning Livret A accounts, life insurance and PEA or even the maintenance of old accounts, no significant changes will be noted initially and customers will be able to migrate their accounts easily to one of the new offers. However, the intention is clear: old customers will have to migrate to the new BforBank offer by spring 2024.

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