Lepiej włącz to w PKO BP. Ryzykuje ten, kto nie skorzysta

Better turn it on in PKO BP. The one who doesn't take advantage is at risk

PKO BP is preparing a new solution that will improve customer safety. The method of logging in to the iPKO online service will change.

PKO BP announces the introduction of a new layer of security when logging in to the iPKO online service. Customers must prepare for changes, although they will only be introduced with their consent.

PKO BP changes login to iPKO

When logging in to the iPKO online service, PKO BP customers will soon see information about an additional security method. Its inclusion will depend on the appropriate consent. If the customer decides to do so, he or she will have to confirm the change with an authorization tool, e.g. an SMS code or a mobile application.

The new security feature will check not only the parameters of the device from which the customer logs in, but also its behavior, e.g. the pace and method of entering data on the keyboard. This is intended to be an additional security measure that will protect bank users from cybercriminals. PKO BP assures that this solution is used in financial institutions around the world.

Importantly, data on customer behavior is protected by the provisions of the GDPR and applies only to proceedings in iPKO. No information that the user enters, including password or contact details, is processed.

If the user does not agree to additional security, he or she will log in to iPKO in the same way as before. This means you must provide your login and password and then confirm it with an SMS code or mobile application.

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