Lepiej włącz to w Google Chrome. Będzie znacznie szybszy

Better enable it in Google Chrome. It will be much faster

Google Chrome may be even faster. You only need to turn on one setting.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Currently, 64.1% of Internet users use it. In second place is Safari, published by Apple, with a share of less than 20%. Google thus dictates how most of us view websites on both large and small screens.

There are several factors that influence the popularity of the Google Chrome browser. It is not without significance that it is installed by default on approximately 70% of smartphones in the world. Users also appreciate its speed. You can often hear opinions that Chrome outdoes the competition when it comes to website loading time.

I have good news. Google Chrome can load pages even faster. If you already have an up-to-date browser version, you only need to enable one setting.

Preloading pages in Google Chrome

This feature is page preloading. Google Chrome uses information about users’ habits and predicts what websites they may want to visit in the near future. These pages will be loaded in the background. This way, when you decide to visit one of them, it will load very quickly. Some of the data needed to display it will be downloaded from local storage, not from the network.

To take advantage of page preloading, go to to browser settings, to the Performance section. You can do this from the menu or by entering the address: chrome://settings/performance.

Google Chrome browser settings

This is where the “Preload Pages” setting is located. If it is not active, toggle the slider. You can choose standard and extended charging. It is worth considering this choice. Extended loading loads more pages, but at some cost. When there are links on the page for “deeper” browsing, they will be loaded via Google’s servers. This way you can navigate the site faster, but Google will know where you are. If you want to keep this information private, it is better to use standard charging.

Google Chrome, preloading pages

After changing the settings, it is not necessary to restart the browser. However, you will need to give the browser some time to learn. The longer you use it, the better the algorithm will predict what sites you might visit in the future.

Speed ​​or data saving?

Unfortunately, we have to pay something for fast page loading. In this situation, it is more background data consumption by the browser. It is worth remembering that not all pages loaded “in stock” will be visited in the future. However, Chrome will connect to sites in the background if the algorithm “thinks” you will visit them.

You will also lose some privacy. Unfortunately, downloading data from websites for later involves sending cookies.

Finally, important information for those using the mobile version of Google Chrome: you will not find this setting. It was implemented only in the desktop version. You can’t count on miracles if you have a very slow Internet connection.

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