Zostań piratem. Dzięki NVIDII to prostsze niż kiedykolwiek

Become a pirate. Thanks to NVIDIA, it's easier than ever

The GeForce NOW service is being expanded with new productions. This time both fans of pirate atmosphere and dynamic shooters will be pleased.

Nowadays, you don't need an expensive computer or console to play the latest AAA games. Services such as NVIDIA GeForce NOW allow you to enjoy new titles on older laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and even TVs. The only thing we need is internet access.

GeForce NOW is completely free to use

The Greens are the clear leader in the cloud gaming market, but they have not fallen into lethargy. New games and new functionalities are constantly added to the offer. Currently, their library already numbers over 1,900 titles.

NVIDIA announced this week GeForce NOW is enriched with four new games. And although it doesn't seem like much, it's hard to complain. The full list is as follows:

  • SunnySide (from June 14 on Steam)
  • Disney Speedstorm (Steam, Xbox and PC Game Pass)
  • Sea of ​​Thieves (Steam, Xbox and PC Game Pass)
  • Bodycam (Steam)

It certainly deserves the most attention Sea of ​​Thieveswhich has been published since 2018 multiplayer, action adventure game. It is a game set in an open world that allows us to become a real-life pirate. We can choose from a number of PvP, PvE activities and a multitude of story missions.

Become a pirate.  Thanks to NVIDIA, it's easier than ever

Fans of more contemporary climates may find it interesting Bodycam from Reissad Studio, i.e ultra realistic online shooter. The game is in early access, but it enjoys positive feedback from players very good graphics and soundUnreal Engine 5 and a lot of action.

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