barely released, already a lot of foldable screens are broken

Released on June 27, the Pixel Fold is already suffering from poor customer feedback. A multitude of them are reporting that the screen of their foldable smartphone is already broken, which is worrying for the future of this device from Google.

This Tuesday, Google’s Pixel Fold was released in several countries, including the United States and Germany. Yet first-day customers are already having problems with their folding screen: some have their folding smartphone already broken.

Did dust slip under the Pixel Fold screen?

For the journalistArs-Technica Ron Amadeo, a tiny piece of debris must have slipped under the internal screen, at the level of the gutter, between the screen and the edge. We already reported yesterday the misadventure of this Pixel Fold user. Especially since the basic Pixel Fold does not unfold completely.

However, this does not seem to be an isolated case: The Verge listed several other similar cases. This is the case of this other owner who reported on Reddit small dents in this same area of ​​the screen, ” only visible with screen off and in some bright lights “, he writes. Fortunately, for its part, the screen continues to work.

Another user reports: my screen protector peeled off and there are big scratches on the inside […] But these lines scare me. » An observation shared by the journalist of The Verge Allison Johnson, since she also observed scratches on her model.

Finally, another technical problem encountered: a user reports, still on Reddit, that a pink line appeared on the internal screen, just a few hours after configuring his Pixel Fold. Google said via a spokesperson recommending anyone with a problem contact customer service.

Designing a foldable smartphone is complicated

All of these incidents are reminiscent of Samsung’s first-generation Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. First on the market, they had encountered major reliability problems. In particular, a protective film removed by many journalists, thinking well, but which was vital to guarantee operation on smartphones.

Google did not specify what the refund terms could be for its impacted customers. This is the brand’s first foldable model and it seems that the hinge is acting up. Further proof that the first generation of a new product is very rarely the best.

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