Barely launched, this new electric SUV is already a problem

A little less than two years after its reveal, it’s finally time for the Subaru Solterra to begin marketing. And the least we can say is that the electric SUV is not accessible to all budgets.

If all the manufacturers present in Europe will have to switch to all-electric from 2035, we cannot say that they are all in the same boat. While some are off to a good start, like Volkswagen, others are lagging behind, like Subaru.

A very steep price

But the firm wants to make an effort, which plans to launch no less than four electric SUVs by 2026. In November 2021, the latter lifted the veil on its first electric car, the Solterra. A leggy model, cousin of the Toyota bZ4X and taking up its platform as well as its engine. Which should have helped the builder get started.

Yes, but now, the shortage of semiconductors caused by the health crisis has somewhat disrupted the plans of the Japanese manufacturer. The latter was indeed forced to delay the launch of his car and then gave no further news. But a quick tour of his site allows us to see that the situation seems to have improved. Indeed, the SUV is finally available.

We know that electric cars are generally not given, and inevitably, we expect this to be the case for this Solterra. But not to this extent. Because the SUV is currently displayed from 64,990 euros, a high price that does not allow him to be eligible for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros. The second finish, called Luxury, starts at 68,990 euros.

Both versions have the same engine, with a 160 kW electric motor, which equates to about 217 horsepower. Note that the SUV is equipped with all-wheel drive from the entry level, which allows it to be distinguished from the bZ4X, which starts for its part at 55,000 euros. But Toyota’s SUV is also offered with four-wheel drive, from 58,000 euro. It therefore remains less expensive.

Correct equipment

But then, what are we entitled to for such a high price? The least expensive finish, which bears the name of Comfort, comes standard with many equipment, including heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, the blind spot detector or even the intelligent adaptive cruise control. An endowment that remains generous all the same.

Note that it also includes the 7 inch digital handset and the multimedia system compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For its part, the Luxury version adds, among other things, the heated steering wheel, the induction smartphone charger, the panoramic glass roof or the heated rear seats. On the other hand, nothing changes with regard to the electric motorization.

For the record, the Subaru Solterra requires a little more than twenty minutes to recharge, at a power of 150 kW in direct current. In alternating current, the power is limited to 6.6 kW. The electric SUV has a range of 460 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle thanks to its 71.4 kWh battery.

It remains to be seen when the first deliveries are scheduled for those who hunt on the land of the Tesla Model Y – good luck at Solterra given the value for money of the Tesla – as well as the Volkswagen ID.4.

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