Kody bankructwa nękają Polaków. Oszuści nie chcą odpuścić

Bankruptcy codes plague Poles. Scammers don’t want to let go

The District Police Headquarters in Wschowa warns against fraud related to quick payment codes. This is by no means a new scam,

BLIK fraud consisting of: obtaining the payment code from the victim and quickly withdrawing money from an ATM, it’s nothing new. However, numerous police reports on this matter allow us to conclude that despite numerous information campaigns, the fraudsters are still successful.

In recent days, officers from the Police Headquarters in Wschowa have received two independent reports related to online financial fraud, it was reported. In the first case the attacker took over the social media accountto ask people from your contact list for a quick loan. He obtained a total of PLN 2,400. In the second one, he exhibited fake offer to sell a watchand after receiving the code and withdrawing cash, he disappeared without a trace.

Payment by code, unlike payment by transfer, cannot be reversed because the criminal immediately enters the code into the ATM and withdraws money from it. It is true that the account owner must confirm the transaction, but he does so believing that he is helping his friend who is in need.

– rightly notes the superintendent. Maja Piwowarska.

The police remind you to verify each financial request by phone, and secure your social media accounts with two-step verification. However, obviously, none of these methods will help when the transfer is made consciously and with specific intention, for example to buy a watch.

It must be said clearly: a seller who demands a BLIK code, and not a much more convenient transfer to a telephone number in this situation, should immediately arouse suspicion. As one might assume, reluctance to provide the number may mean a desire to hide it, and an honest trader should not be afraid of this. Of course, you can also hide the number thanks to a card registered to another person, but this requires some gymnastics.

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