Bank Pocztowy reveals the numbers.  Poles love this feature

Bank Pocztowy reveals the numbers. Poles love this feature

Bank Poczowy showed statistics related to customer payments. It turns out that they are more and more willing to use Blik.

Blik payment system was launched in 2015 and is managed by Polski Standard Płatności. At the end of 2023, the number of active Blik users was nearly 15.8 million people. Since the system’s inception, over 4.5 billion transactions worth PLN 614.4 billion have been executed. Blik payments are also becoming more and more popular among Bank Pocztowy customers.

Blik by phone is becoming more and more popular in Bank Pocztowy

Blik, a Polish payment standard enabling quick and safe mobile payments, has been enjoying growing interest among consumers since 2020. customers of Bank Pocztowy. Since the introduction of Blik in Bank Pocztowy, customers have made almost 10 million of these types of payments. Continuing to develop the offer of financial services and access to modern payment tools, Bank Pocztowy took another step in August 2023, by implementing the “Blik phone transfer”. In the six months since the feature appeared, customers have used it over 500,000 times.

– The number of customers using the possibility of quick transactions, such as BLIK, is growing dynamically and will continue to grow, as the popularity of mobile payments is constantly growing and contributes to changing consumer preferences. From 2020, when the service was introduced to the Bank’s offer, until the end of 2023, we recorded almost 10 million BLIK payments. A significant increase in the number of transactions made using BLIK (from 1.3 million in 2021 to 5 million in 2023) proves the growing trust of customers in this convenient and safe payment solution. Moreover, only for half a year, from August to December 2023, Bank Pocztowy customers made over 3 million BLIK mobile transactions, of which 18% were transfers to the phone.

– informs Joanna Moskalik, Director of the Retail Products and Payment Services Department of Bank Pocztowy.

With the help of Blik customers of Bank Pocztowy they can easily, for example, pay bills, make online payments or pay in stationary stores, eliminating the need to carry cash or a payment card. According to experts from Bank Pocztowy, on average 60% of BLIK transactions are e-commerce transactions, i.e. payments made on sellers’ websites and mobile applications.

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