Bank Pocztowy nadrabia zaległości. Nowość w aplikacji przyda się każdemu

Bank Pocztowy is catching up. The new addition to the application will be useful to everyone

Bank Pocztowy customers will find a new function in the bank's mobile application. Thanks to this, they can add their payment cards directly to Google Play or Apple Pay wallets.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are two of the four digital wallets that Postal Bank provides to its clients. So far, adding a payment card to a selected wallet (card tokenization) was only possible via an external application, such as Google Wallet or Apple Wallet. There, the customer had to enter the card details themselves (manually or by taking a photo), and then perform additional authentication with an SMS code or by contacting the bank by phone. Now this is changing (for two wallets), because the payment card can be quickly and conveniently added to Google or Apple wallets directly from the Bank Pocztowy mobile application.

Our goal is to provide customers with the greatest possible convenience and ease of using the services of Bank Pocztowy. Thanks to the new functionality, our retail, small business and agribusiness clients can transform their debit and credit cards into a digital form (so-called token). Adding payment cards to digital wallets will now be easier and faster because it will be done directly from the Bank's mobile application and will eliminate the need for customers to manually enter data. The new functionality will make it much easier for customers to start using mobile payments, e.g. using a phone or other device (tablet, watch, etc.) and will have a positive impact on the customer's experience when making payment transactions in stationary stores and when shopping online.

– said Agata Jelonek, Head of the Payment Services Development Department of Bank Pocztowy

Bank Pocztowy card payment wallet

Payment card tokenization is available for:

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay – in the Pocztowy application and external applications of digital wallet providers,
  • Garmin Pay and Xiaomi Pay – only in external digital wallet provider applications.

How do I add a card to Google Pay or Apple Pay?

To add a payment card to your digital wallet:

  • log in to the Pocztowy mobile application,
  • go to the Cards tab,
  • select the card you want to add to your wallet,
  • click the “add to Apple Wallet” or “add to GPay” button.

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