Bank Pekao goes into luxury.  Here are the new facilities

Bank Pekao goes into luxury. Here are the new facilities

Bank Pekao SA is introducing a revolution in the private banking customer experience by introducing the first two branches in a completely new format. Modern and elegant interiors, created using elements of modernist designers, have already appeared in Warsaw and Łódź.

Pekao private banking clients can now use modern spaces in Warsaw at ul. Żubra 1 and in Łódź at ul. Piłsudskiego 24. However, this is just the beginning, because the bank plans to gradually open similar branches in the largest Polish cities.

Interior design concept, created by Julia Dobrzańska and Damian Kasprzycki from the Six Fingers architecture studio, is based on innovation, simplicity of forms and subdued, elegant colors. Minimalism is key here and the spaces are filled natural materials such as wood, metal, glass and soft fabrics. All of this has been designed with sustainability in mind, using materials with a low carbon footprint.

Private banking of Bank Pekao SA in a new version

Furniture with a timeless design is an original element of the decor the most famous modernist designers. Here you can find iconic works such as the iconic one Marcel Breuer's Bauhaus chair or Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Chair. Moreover, taking care of Polish cultural heritage, works are displayed on the walls Bożena Biskupska, Tadeusz Dominik and Oskar Ziętawho created the bank's logo – Żubra – using the innovative FiDU technology (deformation under the influence of internal pressure – the metal is inflated, editor's note).

Private banking of Bank Pekao SA in a new version

This is just the beginning, more cities will follow soon

Bank Pekao's plans do not end with Warsaw and Łódź. Further facilities are planned also in Gdańsk, Lublin, Kraków, Katowice and Poznań.

The bank's announcement included additional information about a minor facelift of the PeoPay mobile application – it has gained a new, unique background. Ada Zielińska, a graphic designer and illustrator of the young generation, she created a special work that now decorates the application. Modern design, consistent with the visual identification of Pekao private banking, is characterized by simplicity, elegance and shades graphite, black, beige and gold.

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